TouchDesigner | Keyboard Shortcuts

Undo Ctrl+z
Redo Ctrl+y
Cut Ctrl+x
Copy Ctrl+c
Paste Ctrl+v
Select Operator Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Box Select Right Mouse Button (RMB) – Drag
Delete Selection Delete or Backsapce
Add to Selection Shift+Select
Pan Network LMB – Drag
Zoom Network Middle Mouse Button (MMB) or Scrollwheel
Operator Info MMB
Play/Pause Spacebar
Perform Mode Enter / Exit F1 / Esc
Open Current DAT in External Editor Alt+e
Run Current DAT Script Alt+r
New File Ctrl+n
Open File Ctrl+o
Save Ctrl+s
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Import File Ctrl+i
Export Movie Ctrl+m
Quit Ctrl+q
Preferences Alt+p
About TouchDesigner Alt+Shift+V
Open a File Explorer Alt+f
Textport and DATs Alt+t
Performance Monitor Alt+y
Window Placement Alt+w
Palette Alt+l
MIDI Device Mapper Alt+d
Console Alt+c
Key Manager Alt+k
Search Alt+s
Network Editor
Parameters Show / Hide p
List View Show / Hide Shift+T
Add Operator tab or double click
Jump Up Network u
Jump In Network i or Enter
Add Group Shift+G
Groups Show / Hide Ctrl / Cmd + g
Find Operator Ctrl+f
Open Current Op Viewer Shift+v
Load .tox file (COMP) Shift+X
Viewer Active Always On Shift+A
Toggle Selected Viewer Active a
Select All Ctrl+a
Home All / Selected h / Shift+H
Unity Frame All / Selected f / Shift+F
Fixed-size Operators Names n
Link Straight s
Data Links Show / Hide x
Network Overview o
Color Palette for Operators c
Pane Options
Split Left / Right Alt+[
Split Top / Bottom Alt+[
Floating Copy Alt+Shift+C
Maximize Alt+`
Close Alt+z
Network Editor Alt+1
Panel Alt+2
Geometry Viewer Alt+3
TOP Viewer Alt+4
CHOP Viewer Alt+5
Animation Editor Alt+6
Parameters Alt+7
Textport and DATs Alt+9
TOP Viewers
Pan LMB-drag
Zoom MMB-drag
Home h
Display Pixel Values d
Display Field Guide f
Color c
Red r
Green g
Blue b
Alpha a
Mono m
CHOP Viewers
Pan LMB-drag
Zoom MMB-drag
Drag Channel LMB-drag on Channel Name
Home h
Reset Min/Max r
Show Extract Values p
Horizontal Adapt Shift+H
Vertical Adapt Shift+V
Sample / Frames / Seconds u
Grid Low / Medium / High g
Playhead t
Time Scroll c
Label l
Handles n
Dots d
Extend Regions x
Precision Labels p
Raw Edits Tools e
Scope Tools sCtrl+y
SOP and Object COMP Viewers
Tumble LMB-drag
Pan RMB-drag
Zoom MMB-drag
Display Options p
Home All / Selected h / Shift+H
Frame All / Selected f / Shift+F
Shaded Wireframe w
Ortho / Perspective Shift+P
Top Viewport Shift+T
Front Viewport Shift+N
Right Viewport Shift+R
Show Quad Viewport 5
Select Viewport 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Redo Ctrl+y
Redo Ctrl+y
Geometry Viewer Pane
Switch States Use State Icons
View Momentary Space-hold
Select & Transform Momentary s-hold
Construction Plane Momentary c-hold
Select Object LMB
Box Select RMB-drag
Handle Translate / Rotate / Scale t / r / e
Handle Show / Hide y
Align Handle with Object Shift+O
Align Handle with View Shift+V
Align Handle with World Shift+W
Align Handle with C-Plane Shift+F
Handle Pivot Attached to Selection
Set Handle Pivot to Selection o
Set Handle Pivot to World w
Set Handle Pivot to C-Plane f
Add Group Shift+G
Copy Ctrl+c
Paste Ctrl+v
Delete Delete
Pan LMB-drag
Zoom MMB-drag
Select Key or Segment LMB
Box Select RMB-drag
Add to Selection Shift+Select
Delete Selection Delete
Add Keyframe Alt+LMB
Add Keyframe to Selected Alt+MMB
Add Keyframe to All Alt+RMB
Home All / Selected h / Shift+H
Home Horizontal Shift+F
Home Vertical Shift+V
Long Names n
Scale Handle e
Playhead to Next Key Ctrl+Right
Playhead to Prev Key Ctrl+Left
Break Selected Tangents t
Show / Hide p
Value Ladder MMB or LMB-hold
Revert to Previous Value Ctrl+LMB
Edit in External Editor Alt+e
History Back / Forward Up / Down
Find Ctrl+f
Python / Tscript Ctrl+l