Project 4

Final Project First Draft

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and I want to see where you are in the process of working on your final project. Remember that your final project needs to include the creation of some visual element, and the use of a control panel. For this project I’d like you to turn in the first draft of your control panel. This doesn’t have to be complete and it certainly change – I just want to see how you’re thinking about control. What elements are you driving from your control panel, are you using radio buttons toggles, sliders, 2D-sliders, how well organized is your control interface, etc.

For this project, you’ll submit a toe file with the beginnings of your control panel. It should include:

  1. A container COMP labeled control (really it can be labeled anything you want, I just want to see that you’ve given the control container a unique name).
  2. Control Elements (sliders, buttons, fields, etc.)
  3. Labels for your control elements, and headers for button groups (this might not apply to your project, but they should be there if it does).
  4. Comments, comments, comments.
  5. A readMe DAT – include a text DAT in the root directory of your network that outlines what you’ve already built in this draft, and what you have left to build for the final. Include questions, challenges, and discoveries you’ve made as you’ve started working on your final.