Project 2


At this point we’ve created a composition in a container (Snippet 1, Project 1) and we’ve built a control system of animated channels (Snippet 2). Now we’re going to start to look at how we put those ideas together.

Project 2 builds off of what we’ve learned in our other projects, and act as an extension of Snippet 2. For this project you’ll use what you’ve made in Snippet 2 as a starting point for building your own modular set of visual and animation elements. Using Snippet 2 as a guide, you will build two distinct components:

  • Your own visual component (Container) that has 15 control elements (like the tox file that I supplied to you).
  • A component (Container) that holds a CHOP network which animates your visual component. This CHOP network should output 15 control elements.
  1. Your network should contain a Visuals COMP (Container) – make sure this is labeled with your initials and “vis”. For example, mine would be labled, “mrVis”.
  2. Your network should contain a Control COMP (Container) – make sure this is labeled with your initials and “CTRL”. For example, mine would be labled, “mrCTRL”.
  3. Your Control COMP should contain 15 animated channels.
  4. Your Visuals COMP should contain a constant with 15 corresponding “default” channels that match the names in your Control COMP.
  5. The Visuals container should use expressions or CHOP exports to connect the 15 control elements in the network from a single Null CHOP. All 15 channels should make a recognizable change in your final image.
  6. Your Visuals COMP should contain a text DAT with a script for setting the resolution of the artwork in your network using storage.
  7. Your Visuals network should contain a real-time rendered piece of geometry – this requires a render set up with a Camera, Light, and Geometry COMP, as well as a render TOP with a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  8. The resolution of your Visual COMP should be 1280 x 720 – using storage as a method for recalling those values.
  9. Both your Control Container COMP and your Visuals Container COMP should be well commented.
  10. Your final visuals COMP should perform at least 40 fps.

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