Project 1


Beyond just the mechanics of programming, we also need to consider the weight and heft of ideas when we are composing images with code. When considering the composition of an image, where different elements live in the raster, using the principles of design can both give us a language for expression and a source of inspiration.

Drawing from our discussion about Principles of Design, this assignment is an opportunity to explore a single principle creatively. You can use the .toe file on blackboard as inspiration and reference for this project.

  1. Select one of the following principles of design, and include a comment in your network about what principle you’ve selected (also include the text from the handout in BlackBoard):
    • balance
    • emphasis
    • movement
    • pattern
    • repetition
    • proportion
    • rhythm
    • variety
    • unity
  2. Your project should then be an exploration of the selected principle, and an expression of the ideas embedded in it – this should be communicated visually in your final composition.
  3. Your Network must include an image that you used as a part of your research for this project.
  4. Your project should be encapsulated inside of a container Component that has a resolution of 1024 x 768.
  5. The resolution of your Container should be set with an expression – you can drive your resolution from the contents of a table, or the resolution of another operator – for example op(‘filePathToAnotherOperator’).width
  6. Your network must be well commented. Include your name and the date in any of your comments.
  7. Your network must include at least 10 operators.
  8. Your final composition should be animated.
  9. Your network should include a button to toggle between your inspiration / reference image and your final composition
  10. Your final network should run at at least 40 frames per second.