Op Snippets 2

Building a Nervous System

We’ve spent some time already talking about the importance of modular design when it comes to programming, and this assignment is an opportunity to try your hand at building a modular CHOP control network.

For this assignment, you’ll spend some time exploring the CHOP Operator Snippets. To help you get started, I’ve built a component for you to animate. Build a CHOP network based on what you learn in Op Snippets that controls the ten different parameters that are already assigned in the tox file. Pay close attention to the readMe DAT in the provided TOX file, as how you name your channels is very important.

  1. Your snippet should use a Base to encapsulate your CHOP network.
  2. Your snippet should Include the 10 correctly named channels to drive the provided component.
  3. All 10 channels should be animated in some fashion – in other words, there should be some change (no matter how small) in the channels that drive the connected component.
  4. Your network should be well commented – more than 1 readMe DAT. Your comments don’t need to be especially long but should help me understand what you were thinking / working towards. Include your name and a date stamp in each comment.
  5. Your network must contain each of the following CHOPS: Merge, Rename, Speed, and Math. As a note, you can use more than one of these, but I want to see at least one of each of these in your network.