Custom Playback Software / Hardware Design

There are many existing turn-key tools for media playback, but selecting the right tool and knowing when to build your own is often a difficult question. I’ve designed systems for events and installations that use existing hardware configurations, and built systems from scratch. No matter how large or small the installation or event, I can help ensure that your project selects the best tools for consistent and reliable media playback.

Building a system from scratch often reveals many difficult questions. With years of experience building, deploying, and maintain custom software solutions for playback I can help you prioritize the features and behaviors you’ll need for software that customized for your installation.

Custom Playback Software Development

I’ve built custom playback software that runs on anything from a single server, to over twenty. Pulling from iterative agile approaches, I work directly with you to help ensure every project works exactly as it was designed. Whether it’s synchronizing media playback, building custom projection mapping tools, synchronizing media across a distributed stack of servers, or integrating controls for lighting and sound, I’m here build the custom tool you need to make your experience or installation remarkable.

Interactive System Design and Development

The interactive and responsive media landscape is quickly evolving and changing every day. How we make meaning and engage with digital media is the frontier for brands and identities looking to set themselves apart. From single interaction activation to immersive environments, I’ve both designed the systems and written the software for world class experiences. I here to help you not only conceive of the experience, but bring it to life.


The tools we use for driving media experiences is broad ever changing landscape. I can help your team get up to speed on tools and environments that will expand the range of experiences you can provide.

  • TouchDesigner
  • GLSL
  • Python