Shantou University Sports Arena

Obscura Digital

Obscura designed and built a dynamic immersive media platform for the 6,000-seat 24,000 m² (258,333 ft²) Shantou University Sports Arena, including a multi-channel projection system, video software control system and media library. Launched in August 2016, this permanent installation is one of the world’s largest immersive projection systems, with a total of over 2,000m² of display coverage.

Obscura provided all necessary project management, pre-production, onsite installation, creative and technical services necessary to complete the project, including hardware procurement and installation, software development and integration, on-site installation, testing and commissioning of the system, and media development.

The system was designed to be handed off to the STU Sports Arena team to operate for graduation ceremonies, concerts and events throughout the year. Obscura designed system and show control software including sequenced media playback, a playlist scheduler, content management and live feed capabilities managed through a simple iPad interface.

My Contribution

This was my first project at Obscura Digital. I initially worked on the software and system we used for the kick off event in the venue, and over time would grow to work closely on nearly all software aspects of this installation – from media ingestion and distribution to realtime content generation in the final delivery.