AT&T Stadium

Obscura Digital

In partnership with AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys, Obscura has reimagined the stadium experience, empowering fans with a groundbreaking new platform that enables them to amplify their collective spirit to unprecedented levels.

When the Cowboys took their field for the 2014 season, fans noticed something different about AT&T Stadium: The AT&T LiveFX Board. This 130-foot, high-resolution LED display is 3,840 pixels wide, with 40 robotic louvers that rotate 360 degrees and are equipped with high-powered strobe lights.

At pivotal moments during game play, fans receive a call-to-action from the Cowboys show controller via the AT&T Stadium App, which when activated, transforms their phones into portable light shows.
This experience unlocks a new dimension of collective fan participation. Fans are no longer passive spectators but members of the extended team, receiving cues that mobilize them to unite.
The AT&T LiveFX Board helps make touchdown celebrations more exciting, entertains fans during breaks, builds suspense for pivotal plays, and more.

Obscura also designed and installed four doublesided, 84-inch interactive Immersive Columns on the stadium’s east concourse. Each column features large-scale, interactive multi-touch displays on either side. With a few swipes of the hand, fans can learn about their team and interact with media curated into four themes: Cowboys Players, Cowboys Cheerleaders, Stadium Architecture, and Stadium Art.
Thanks to AT&T’s network strength, the AT&T LiveFX Board is the first stadium LED display built to respond directly to the fans. The platform introduces an experience that truly mobilizes fans.