USNH 2011

University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees Annual Meeting


After the work I did for Provost Netzhammer for the Board meeting in 2010, I would be called on again to help organize and produce a showcase of academic initiatives for the Board of Trustees in the Spring of 2011. In 2010 I was only charged with organizing fifteen minutes of video and live presentation to the Board. In 2011, I was asked to organize half of the morning meeting, a forty-five minute showcase focused on how Keene State College was incorporating technology both inside and outside of the classroom.

I was fortunate enough to work with my colleague Mike Caulfield, Keene State’s instructional designer, in crafting the presentation. Together we selected live presenters for that morning, selected projects to feature in video, and scripted his remarks in front of the board. Similar to the first year I was a one-person film crew, charged with every detail from scheduling to final editing for the video that would go up in front of the Board of Trustees. On the day of the presentation Mike’s remarks pulled together all of the presenters, those there live and those there via video. I ran and called the presentation from the back of the room, acting as a combination of State Manager and Director for the morning.

As a result of the presentation the Board left with a solid understanding of the work being doing by Keene State faculty as they strive to integrate technology into their teaching practice, as well as a sense of the hard work still ahead as we strive to make further gains. Mike and I were recognized by the Provost Netzhammer, Keene State President Giles-Gee, and the USNH Chancellor for our contributions and efforts in organizing the presentation before the board.

As with the previous year, we made all of the presentation materials available to the Board members, and the world, after the presentation. The videos below are from the morning’s presentation and are divided into the core efforts connected to technology underway at Keene State.

Critical Consumption

Collaborative Technology

Creative and Analytic Technology

Participatory Media

Technology in the University System of New Hampshire