USNH 2010

University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees Annual Meeting


I first joined the CELT team part time during the Fall semester of the 09-10 academic year. Initially I joined CELT for just one day a week, focusing on helping faculty use Google Sites as a tool for building class wikis. My initial work was centered around a faculty member who choose to transition all of her traditional paper based assignments to media based assignments. I worked closely with Dr. Candice Bosse as we moved to critically examine how her class could be taught differently, and what tools might best serve both her and her students. It was during this initial time with CELT that the Keene State’s Provost, Dr. Emile Netzhammer, asked that I work on a video series for the New Hampshire Board of Trustees.

The University System Board of Trustees meets at regular intervals during the Academic year to discuss progress, policy, and to determine the trajectory of the New Hampshire system for the following year. I was charged with documenting a selection of the academic projects and initiatives taking place on campus, and creating several short vignettes that would be featured during the Board meeting being held on Keene State’s campus.

Provost Netzhammer and I settled on addressing the theme of Academic Excellence. Our intention was to create a high-lights reel for the presentation, and use the web to provide space for extended footage for some of the projects. After my initial meetings with Provost Netzhammer, I was a one-person film crew. I organized, shot, edited, distributed all of the video for this presentation. Additionally, I was asked to attend the Board meeting and run the video portion of the presentation. This trial by fire exercise set the bar for work that I would do in the future.

​Dr. Kristen Porter-Utley on Undergraduate Research

Professor Yi Gong on Digital Stories

Nicaragua in Change

Academic Excellence