Same Blog New Look

It’s a new year, and it’s also time for a face lift. I started writing about TouchDesigner when I was in graduate school, never imagining that I’d still be doing this 9 years later. Looking back through all the posts I’ve made, the first TouchDesigner related piece was from April of 2013.

While there have been a few updates to this blog over the years, the look as been pretty static for the last handful of years – so it seemed like it might be time for a facelift.

The most exciting addition for those who use this as a learning resource is the inclusion of search. There’s now a quicker way to search through posts to find the reference you’re looking for. That’s certainly not perfect, but its’ better than before 😂.

Here’s to a new year of sharing techniques and approaches to creating interactive systems in 2012 ~ Happy Programming.

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