GLSL TD Tutorials in TouchDesigner


As a follow up to the Book of Shaders port last week, I wanted to add another resource that I read through several times when first getting my bearings with GL. GLSL 2D Tutorials – an example that’s currently up on Shader Toy

From Uğur:

by Uğur Güney. March 8, 2014.

Hi! I started learning GLSL a month ago. The speedup gained by using GPU to draw real-time graphics amazed me. If you want to learn how to write shaders, this tutorial written by a beginner can be a starting place for you.

Please fix my coding errors and grammar errors. :-)

Getting your bearings with GLSL can be a bit of a rodeo when you’re first getting started. Uğur’s 2D tuts were a huge help to me when I was first getting started, and they often show examples that are a little more granular than The Book of Shaders.

Hopefully this set of examples will help you get started and get your gl bearings here in Touch.

When possible, I’ve copied the examples as faithfully as possible. What that means is that there may be better ways to approach some challenges – but what you’ll find here is as close to the original tutorial as I can manage.

GLSL 2D Tutorials in TouchDesigner

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