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Original Email – Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 6:01 AM

Hi Matthew,

i love to work along your tutorials and learn more  about my best new friend since last year “Touchdesigner”. Theres is one idea i take with me. thought about a cube geometry with different pictures on each side. thats for the moment no problem, but how can i get the pictures changing automatically after a few seconds out of a folderDat. Any ideas?

Reply – Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 12:10 AM

There are countless ways that you might try to solve this problem – some will scale better than others. The example included here, does well for 1-5 cubes, but probably wouldn’t scale well for more than 10. At 10 or more, you’d probably want to consider some  of the challenges of instancing in a slightly different way.


At any rate, here’s an example with several different considerations. The first is just placing different numbers of the different sides of a cube using a cube map.

The second is placing different images.

The third takes the contents of a folder DAT and changes all of the faces of the cube simultaneously. Every three seconds all of the images change.

The fourth example randomly changes the face of the cubes – both the order in which faces change is random, as is the selection of images. The images are shuffled so that you’re only likely to see as few repeated images as possible. I don’t know how strong your python is, but when you look at this example you’ll see that I wrote several functions in an embedded module that handle all of the logic of this operation.


You can download the example file from GitHub –


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