TouchDesigner | Time Trigger

Ultimately I don’t know how practical this method is, but at the moment it feels like a victory. Creating a time based trigger in TouchDesigner can be accomplished a ton of ways, the method I’m using uses the following CHOPS: LFO, Constant, Count, Trigger. 

The set to the same sample rate as the project will cross 0 once per second. The constant indicates the rate at which you wish to count. Count will use the input from the LFO and the Constant to count at the rate specified by the constant every time the LFO crosses 0. This is attached to a trigger CHOP. The trigger’s threshold can e set to to the time (in seconds) appropriate for the transition. Bang. A time based triggering method using four CHOPs.

It’s also worth nothing that another method for achieving this same  triggering method would be to use just two CHOPs: Timeline and Trigger. The Timeline chop will report out the current position as a frame number. Provided that you know the time (and therefore frame number) you can use this to set the threshold for a trigger value.

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